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Application DeployDeploy WARDeploy WAR on DockerUndeploy an applicationArgumentsClasspath ( Agent JAR (-javaagent Arguments ( serversContext rootContext root of an applicationFirewallLinux iptables firewallHeapAnalyze and respond to a Tomcat out of memory heap dumpChange heap sizeCreate a heap dump (jmap, Tomcat on DockerInstall Tomcat on Linux JDBCInstall JDBC connectorLogsGetting Started with LogsMetaspaceChange perm gen or metaspace sizePortsHTTP HTTPS AJP SHUTDOWN portsWeb browser portProxy Passproxy pass timeoutRedirectionRedirect HTTP to HTTPSSessionsSession expiration (timeout)SSLEncrypt inbound requests (SSL / TLS / keystore)Encrypt outbound requests (SSL / TLS / truststore) Start Stop RestartStarting Stopping and Restarting TomcatTroubleshootingResolve "403 Access Denied"Resolve "Alias name does not identify a key entry"Resolve "ClassNotFoundException"Resolve "Could not load" in TomcatResolve "Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing"Resolve "Error parsing HTTP request header"Resolve "exists but is not accessible"Resolve "Failed to initialize end point associated with ProtocolHandler"Resolve "NoClassDefFoundError"Resolve "One or more listeners failed to start"Resolve "PKIX path building failed"Resolve "SSLHostConfig attribute certificateFile must be defined when using an SSL connector"Resolve "the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty"Resolve 404 Not FoundUsers and GroupsCreate usersVariablesJAVA_HOME variableVersionVersion ReleaseVirtual HostsVirtual Hosts