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Application DeployDeploy WARUndeploy an applicationClusterCluster serversConfigurationStart Stop Restart a TC Server JVMFirewallLinux iptables firewallHeapAnalyze and respond to a Tomcat out of memory heap dumpChange heap sizeCreate a heap dumpInstallInstall Tomcat on Linux JDBCInstall JDBC connectorLogsGetting Started with LogsMetaspaceChange perm gen or metaspace sizePortsJVM portWeb browser portProxy Passproxy pass setupproxy pass timeoutRedirectionRedirect HTTP to HTTPSSessionsSession expiration (timeout)SSLEncrypt inbound requests (SSL / TLS / keystore)Encrypt outbound requests (SSL / TLS / truststore) Start Stop RestartStart Stop Restart TomcatTroubleshootingResolve "403 Access Denied"Resolve "Error parsing HTTP request header"Resolve "Failed to initialize end point associated with ProtocolHandler"Resolve 404Users and GroupsCreate usersVariablesJAVA_HOME variableVersionVersion ReleaseVirtual HostsVirtual Hosts