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Encrypt outbound requests from Tomcat (SSL / TLS / truststore)

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First and foremost, it's important to recongize that there will be both inbound and outbound requests. Typically, an inbound request is when a remote system makes a request for an app deployed to Tomcat. Typically, and outbound request is when an app deployed to Tomcat needs to go out, such as when making a query to a remote SQL database. This article only deals with securing outbound requests. Refer to this article to secure inbound requests.


Inbound requests use a keystore to secure the requests. Outbound requests use a truststore to secure the request. So, when you see keystore, think "inbound" and when you see truststore think "outbound".


First you will create a truststore, and then you will configure Tomcat. If you have not yet created a truststore, refer to this article. For the sake of this article, let's say you've created a truststore named trust.p12 and the trust.p12 file contains a certificate with an alias of *

The following two parameter will be used to configure Tomcat to use the truststore.


One possible way to use these parameters would be to use them in the JAVA_OPTS variable in ${tomcat_install_root}/bin/, like this:



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