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Create an LVM logical volume

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The lvcreate command can be used to create an LVM logical volume. In this example, a 1 GB logical volume named myLV is created from space in the volume group named myVG. This assumes that a volume group named myVG has been created.

~]# lvcreate --size 1G --name myLV myVG


The lvdisplay command can be used to verify the logical volume has been created.

~]# lvdisplay
---Logical volume---
LV Path     /dev/myVG/myLV
LV Name     myLV
VG Name     myVG
. . .


Next, the mkfs command can be used to create a file system on myLV. In this example, the ext4 file system is created on myLV.

~]# mkfs.ext4 /dev/myVG/myLV


Now, myLV can be mounted. In this example, myLV is mounted to the /var directory.

~]# mount.ext4 /dev/myVG/myLV /var


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