FreeKB - LVM (Logical Volume Manager) lvcreate command (create a logical volume)
LVM (Logical Volume Manager) - lvcreate command (create a logical volume)

The lvcreate command can be used to create an LVM logical volume. In this example, a 1 GB logical volume named myLV is created from space in the volume group named myVG. This assumes that a volume group named myVG has been created.

  • kibibyte (k or KiB) - 1024 bytes
  • kilobyte (K or KB) - 1000 bytes
  • mebibyte (m or MiB) - 1024 kibibytes
  • megabyte (M or MB) - 1000 kilobytes
  • gibibyte (g or GiB) - 1024 mebibytes
  • gigabyte (G or GB) - 1000 megabytes
  • tebibyte (t or TiB) - 1024 gibibytes
  • terabyte (T or TB) - 1000 gigabytes
  • pibibyte (p or PiB) - 1024 tebibytes
  • petabyte (P or PB) - 1000 gigabytes
  • exbibyte (e or EiB) - 1024 pibibytes
  • exabyte (E or EX) - 1000 petabytes
~]# lvcreate --size 1G --name myLV myVG


Or, the --extents option can be used. Refer to what are LVM extents to understand what LVM extents are.

  • Percentage of available extents in the volume group (e.g. 100%FREE)
  • Percentage of total extents in the volume group (e.g. 50%VG)
  • Percentage of the available extents in the physical volume (e.g. 25%PVS)
  • Percentage of the total extents in the origin logical volume (e.g. 100%ORIGIN)
~]# lvcreate --extents 50%FREE --name myLV myVG


The lvdisplay command can be used to verify the logical volume has been created.

~]# lvdisplay
---Logical volume---
LV Path               /dev/myVG/myLV
LV Name               myLV
VG Name               myVG
LV UUID               EuBJ3c-Q8EU0M5ef-Qvip-KeyH-m2Sc-MGelKe
LV Creation host,time localhost.localdomain, 2013-10-11 15:40:12 -0500
LV Status             available
# open                1
LV Size               99.94 GiB
Current LE            3198
Segments              3
Allocation            inherit
Read ahead sectors    auto
- currently set to    256
Block device          253:9


Next, the mkfs command can be used to create a file system on myLV. In this example, the ext4 file system is created on myLV.

~]# mkfs.ext4 /dev/myVG/myLV


Now, myLV can be mounted. In this example, myLV is mounted to the /var directory.

~]# mount.ext4 /dev/myVG/myLV /var


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