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IBM WebSphere - Create J2C alias

  1. In the WebSphere admin console, expand Resources > JDBC or Resoruces > JMS.
  2. Select any resource.
  3. Select JAAS - J2C authentication data.
  4. Select New.
  5. Give the J2C alias a name and define the username and password. Select OK.
  6. Select Save.


In this example, a J2C alias named mySQL is created.


On the WebSphere server, the J2C aliases you've created will be in the ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/profiles/dmgr_profile/config/cells/your_cell/security.xml file. The security.xml file will contain something like this.

  description="J2C alias for john.doe"


IBM WebSphere - JDBC data source and J2C alias

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At Monitoring and Tuning > Performance Viewer > Current activity > your application server > Summary Reports > JDBC Connection Pools > your JDBC provider > your JNDI, the connection count should be 1 for the single connection to the database.

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