IBM Job Manager - Set up IBM Job Manager

The job manager is deprecated. Instead of job manager, use Urban Code Deploy.


A job manager is an IBM server that is used to send jobs to other IBM servers. A job manager can send jobs to:

  • WebSphere Application Servers
  • Dmgrs
  • Host Computers

Some examples of jobs that can be perform are installing or uninstalling an application server on a dmgr, create or remove a cluster, install or uninstall an application, or to start or stop a JVM. A job manager is very helpful in a scenario where you need to perform identical tasks on a large number of IBM servers.

To install the Job Manager, you will first install WebSphere Network Deployment Manager (Dmgr) and then create a Job Manager profile. If you will be registering one or more deployment managers with the job manager, the version of the deployment manager must not be higher than the version of the job manager. It usually make sense to install the latest version of the Job Manager, to ensure that the version of the Job Manager is higher than the version of the deployment manager.

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