How to create command line options in Perl

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Let's say you want to create a Perl script and allow users to pass options to the script. For example, perhaps you want to let people pass their name and occuption to the script, like this.

perl --name John --occuption programmer


The following script will allow users to use the -n or --name and -o or --occupation options when running the script.

use Options;
my $options = new Options(params => [
  ['name',       'n', "", 'Name.'],
  ['occupation', 'o', "", 'Occupation.']
  flags =>  [
    ['quit',   'q', 'Quit after connecting.'],
    ['help',   'h', 'Display this usage guide.'],
my %argv = $options->get_options();
# Provide usage

my $name = lc($options->get_result('name'));
my $occupation= lc($options->get_result('occupation'));

print "$name\n";
print "$occupation\n";


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