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IBM WebSphere - Undeploy an application

There are a few different ways to uninstall an application from WebSphere.


Using the WebSphere admin console

  1. In the WebSphere web console, expand Applications and select All applications.
  2. If the application is running, stop the application.
  3. Check the application to undeploy, and select Remove.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Select Save.

In this example, the sample_war application is removed.


Using wsadmin

The following wsadmin commands can be used.

# Jython
$AdminApp uninstall application1

# Jacl


Then, save the configuration to the master repository.

# Jacl


If the application is in a node that has been federated into a dmgr, synchronize the node and the dmgr.

# Jacl


Removing EAR, WAR, JAR, WAR from monitoredDeployableApps

If the application was automatically deployed using the monitoredDeployableApps directory, simply just remove the WAR, EAR, JAR, or SAR from the monitoredDeployableApps subdirectory, and the application will automatically be undeployed.

If the application is successfully removed, the following events should appear in the dmgr SystemOut.log.

ADMA5106I: Uninstallation of app_name started.
ADMA5017I: Application app_name uninstalled successfully.


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