Arrays in Perl

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An array in created by using the @ character. In this example, an array named fruit contains different types of fruit.

my @fruits = ("apple", "banana", "orange", "grapes");


Instead of placing quotes around each items in the array, the qw (quote words) function can be used. This also has the added benefit of not having to separate the data with commas.

my @fruits = qw(apple banana orange grapes);


The print command can then be used to print each item in the array.

print "@fruit\n";


This will print each item in the array.

apple banana orange grapes


For each loop

foreach loop can be used to loop through a loop through an array. In this example, a foreach loop prints each piece of fruit in the array.


my @fruits = qw(apple banana orange grapes);

foreach $fruit (@fruits) {
    print "$fruit\n";


Running the script will produce the following output.



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