How to check for stalls in Introscope

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  1. In the Introscope investigator, select the Metric Browser tab.
  2. Expand SuperDomain > server_hostname > server_type > your_jvm > variable > Stall Count.

By default, Introscope will display data for the last 8 minutes, and update about once every 30 seconds. Typically, you will toggle off Live monitoring, and then select a time range, such as 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day.

In this example, the application had 2 stalls. The stall count is not always an indication if the stalls need to be addressed. For example, with some application, in production, a single stall may need to be addressed. With other production applications, stalls may not need to be addressed until there are 5, 10, 20, or more stalls. This all comes down to the threshold IT and the business have defined for the application.


In this example, there are numerous stalls over a period of time. 


Select the overview tab to identify the components that are stalling, and the stall count. In this example, the arbitrary "ReadCustomerProfile" component is stalling. Out of 3217 requests, the component stalled 17 times. In this scenario, you would look at the ReadCustomerProfile events in the application log to help spot the cause of the stalls.


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