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How to create a Health Policy in WebSphere

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Health Policy is a feature of WebSphere that let's you configure an action that can be triggered on targets when a condition is met.


As an example, a health policy can be created to restart (action) a cluster (target) that has not been restarted for 7 days (condition).


In the left panel of the WebSphere admin console, select Operational policies Health policy. Select New. Give your Health Policy a name, select one of the following conditions, and select Next. Based on the condition you selected, follow the prompts to create the action.

  • Age-based condition (do something once every  x seconds, minutes, days, weeks, month, years)
  • Excessive request timeout condition
  • Excessive response time condition
  • Memory condition: excessive memory usage
  • Memory condition: memory leak
  • Storm drain condition (do something when an application has a significantly decreased response time)
  • Workload condition (do somthing when workload is high)
  • Garbage collection percentage condition


In this example, a policy was created to restart a cluster once every 7 days.

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