How to create a Health Policy in WebSphere

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Health Policy is a feature of WebSphere that let's you configure certain actions that can be triggered when a certain condition is met. As an example, a health policy can be created to restart a cluster that has not been restarted for 7 days. Or, a heap dump can be created when a certain condition is met. There are many possible types of conditions and triggers that can be configured.

For example, the following will create a health policy that will notify you to restart cluster1 once every 7 days.

  1. In the left panel of the WebSphere admin console, select Operational policies Health policy.
  2. Select New.
  3. Give your Health Policy a name, select Age-based condition, and select Next.
  4. By default, the policy will be configured to restart once every 7 days, in supervised mode. In supervised mode, the cluster will not be restarted, and you will be alerted to restart the cluster. In automatic mode, the cluster will be restarted. Select Next.
  5. In the filter-by drop-down, select Clusters or Dynamic Clusters. Then, add cluster1 to the Age-based condition, and select Next.
  6. Select Finish.

In this example, the Age-based condition health policy in Supervised mode is created.

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