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IBM WebSphere - Application request logs

If you are not familiar with logging in WebSphere, check out our getting started article.

Let's say you have an application named Foo deployed to one of your WebSphere application server. Let's also say the Foo application contains a few different pages, such as Index, Search, and About. When users navigate to the different pages in the application, the request may be captured in the application server log. If you are using basic logging, SystemOut.log is the log file that will contain requests (if the requests are being captured). If you are using HPEL logging, then the LogViewer command can be used to view the HPEL log. Here is an example of events in the log file when a user hit the each page in the application.

It's important to recognize that these are initilization events, which means that these events will only be recorded for the first user that requests the page after the application server has been restarted. Initilization events for additional requests for the page will not be recordeded in the log.

SRVE0242I: [Foo] [/] [index]:  Initilization successful
SRVE0242I: [Foo] [/] [Search]: Initilization successful
SRVE0242I: [Foo] [/] [About]:  Initilization successful


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