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Linux Commands - yumdownloader (download a package)

The yumdownloader command can be used to download but not install a package. The yumdownloader command is included in the yum-utils package.

yum install yum-utils


In this example, yumdownloader is used to download the httpd package. This will download an RPM. The RPM command can be used to install the package.

yumdownloader httpd
. . .
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached host
file * base: * extras: * updates:



By default, the RPM of the package will be downloaded into the present working directory. The --destdir option can be used to specify a directory for the RPM.

yumdownloader --destdir /home/<username>/Downloads httpd


Following are commonly used yum commands.

Alternatively, the Ansible yum module can be used to automate the process of managing packages.

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