View, download, and upload files to a remote system using the CURL command in Linux

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Curl is a program which allows you to view the contents of a file on a remote PC, to GET a file from a remote PC, or to POST a file to a remote PC. For example, the curl command without any option followed by a URL will display the contents of the target file. For example, the following will GET the contents of the index.html file.

~]# curl http://www.example/index.html
    Hello World


Redirection can be used to transfer the contents of the target file to a file on the local PC. For example, to transfer the contents of the index.html file to local.file.

~]# curl http://www.example/index.html > local.file


Similarly, the -o option followed by the target file and then the URL will transfer the target file to the local PC.

curl -o index.html http://www.example/



The -X or --request option can be used to specify the type of request you want to use, such as GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE. In this example, a request is submitted to the web server with ID 12345 and a delete request. The web server or application logic needs to be setup to understand how to process this type of request.

~]# curl -X DELETE http://www.example/id=12345



If the resource requires authentication, the --basic and -u options can be used to authenticate.

~]# curl --basic -u 'username:password' http://www.example/secure.html


Public Certificate

The following command can be used to determine the public certificate that was requested from a particular URL.

curl -v -k 2>&1 | grep "Host"


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