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Bearer TokenConnect to a REST API with an OAuth Bearer TokenConfig FileInclude option from a file using the -K or --config optionDeleteDelete a resource using the -X or --request DELETE optionFTPConnect to an FTP or SFTP server using cURLGETDisplay a resource using the -X or --request GET optionHeadersIncluding headers using the -l or --head optionJSONParse JSON using PythonPOSTPOST to a REST APIProxyUse a proxy serverPUTUpload file using the -T or --upload-file optionRedirectFollow a 302 redirect using the -L or --location optionRedirect output to a file using the -o or --output optionReturn CodeDisplay HTTP return code using the -w or --write-out "%{http_code}" option Show ErrorsDisplay errors using the -S or --show-error flagSilentHide progress bar using the -s or --silent flagSSHSpecify SSH private key file using the --key and --pass optionsSSLIgnore SSL certificate warning using the -k or --insecure flagView SSL certificate using CURL on LinuxSuppress OutputSuppress output using the -o or --output /dev/null optionTroubleshootingResolve "Connection reset by peer"Resolve "curl: (35) SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length."Resolve "HTTP Error 411 The request must be chunked or have a content length"Username PasswordBasic authentication using the -u or --user option