Curl - Display HTTP return code using the -w or --write-out "%{http_code}" option

The curl command with the -w or --write-out option followed by "%{http_code}" can be used to display the HTTP return code of the request. In this example, the request to get the index.html page from the web server returned HTTP code 200 (OK).

~]# curl --write-out "%{http_code}"
    Hello World


You may want to also use the -s or --silent flag and the -o /dev/null option to suppress the response body output. Now, only the HTTP response code is returned.

~]# curl --silent --output /dev/null --write-out "%{http_code}"


In this example, 404 (not found) is returned when attempting to get foo.html from the web server, because there is no such file as foo.html on the web server.

~]# curl --silent --output /dev/null --write-out "%{http_code}"

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