Nexus - Download and Install Nexus Repository Manager OSS on Linux

Before installing Nexus, your Linux system must be running version 8 of Java. The java -version command can be used to determine if Java is installed, and if installed, the version of Java that is running. If you do not have version 8 of Java on your Linux system, refer to Installing Java on Linux.

java -version


By default, Nexus will listen for connections on port 8081. Ensure no other processes are using port 8081.

ps -ef | grep 8081


  1. Go to and select Download.
  2. Select your Operating System (Linux) and select Download. This will download a file such as nexus-<version>-unix.tar.gz.

Place nexus-<version>-unix.tar.gz in the /tmp directory on your Linux system, and then use the tar command to extract nexus-<version>-unix.tar.gz.

cd /tmp
tar -zxf nexus-<version>-unix.tar.gz -C /opt


Below the /opt directory, there will now be a new directory named nexus-<version>. Issue the nexus run command to start Nexus.

/opt/nexus-<version>/bin/nexus run


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