OpenShift - crc setup command (CodeReady Containers)

The crc setup command can be used to setup OpenShift CodeReady Containers. If the crc setup command returns an error, you may want to run the crc cleanup command before running the crc setup command again.

crc setup


Something like this should be displayed.

INFO Checking if oc binary is cached
INFO Checking if podman remote binary is cached
INFO Checking if goodhosts binary is cached
INFO Checking if CRC bundle is cached in '$HOME/.crc'
INFO Checking minimum RAM requirements
INFO Checking if running as normal user
INFO Checking Windows 10 release
INFO Checking Windows edition
INFO Checking if Hyper-V is installed and operational
INFO Checking if user is a member of the Hyper-V Administrators group
INFO Checking if Hyper-V service is enabled
INFO Checking if the Hyper-V virtual switch exist
INFO Found Virtual Switch to use: Default Switch
Setup is complete, you can now run 'crc start' to start the OpenShift cluster


The first time the crc setup command is run, the hidden .crc directory is created. The hidden .crc directory will be in your users home directory. For example, if john.doe home directory is C:\Users\john.doe, the hidden .crc directory will be:



Within the hidden .crc directory will be the crc.log file, like this.



If some issue occurs causing setup to fail, you may want to run the setup again at --log-level debug, and then check the crc.log.

crc setup --log-level debug


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