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Getting Started with OpenShiftAdmin ConsoleGetting Started with the Admin ConsoleClusterList Cluster Operators using the oc get clusteroperator commandoc cluster-infooc describe clusteroperatorCluster Application Migration (CAM) ToolMigrate Application - Create the Migration PlanMigrate Application - Migrate a PlanMigrate Application - Stage a PlanCodeReady Containerscrc cleanup command (CodeReady Containers version)crc config command (CodeReady Containers)crc delete command (CodeReady Containers)crc setup command (CodeReady Containers)crc start command (CodeReady Containers)crc status command (CodeReady Containers)crc stop command (CodeReady Containers)crc version command (CodeReady Containers version)crc.log (CodeReady Containers log)Config MapsCreate Config Map using the oc create configmap commandDelete Config Maps using the oc delete configmap commandEdit Config Map using the oc edit commandList Config Maps using REST API (curl)List Config Maps using the oc get configmap commandView Config Maps using the oc describe configmap commandDeploymentsDelete deployment using the oc delete deployment commandDeploy an application using the oc new-app command from GitHubDeploy an application using the oc new-app command from imageDeployment status using the oc status commandList deployments using the oc get deployments commandList replicas using REST API (curl)Restart deployment using the oc scale command (replicas)egressAssign egress IP address using the oc patch egressnetworkpolicy commandegress IP using the oc get hostsubnet command (cidr)Show egress rules using the oc describe egressnetworkpolicy commandElastic Searches_util query indicesMonitor an Application Server in Elastic APMEventsList Events using the oc get events commandView Node events using the oc describe node commandView Pod events using the oc describe pod commandImagesList images using the oc get images commandList images using the oc get imagestreams commandInstallInstall 60 day free trial version of Red Hat OpenShift on VMWareInstall CodeReady ContainersInstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on Linux or MacInstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on WindowsUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on LinuxUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on MacUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on WindowsInternal RegistryList repositories in the internal registryLoggingElastic Search logs (ELK EFK stack)Filebeat logs (ELK EFK stack)Fluentd logs (ELK EFK stack)Kibana Logs (ELK EFK stack)View logs using the master-logs commandView pod logs using the oc logs commandLoginoc login commandMachine Configoc get machineconfigpooloc get mcp (machine config status)NodesList Nodes using the oc get nodes commandMarking a nodes as schedulable or unschedulable (oc adm manage-node)OAuthList OAuth Bearer Token using REST API (curl)Obtain OAuth Bearer Token using REST API (curl)oc commandGetting Started with the oc commandOutput Formatcustom-columns optioncustom-columns optionPersistent VolumesDescribe Persistent Volume Claims using the oc describe pvc commandList Persistent Volume Claims using the oc get pvc commandList Persistent Volume using the oc get pv commandMount a volume to a containerPodsConfigure a pod to create heap dumps (oc edit JAVA_OPTS)Delete Pod using the oc delete pod commandEvacuating pods on a nodes (oc adm drain)Execute a command in a pod using the oc exec commandList pods using REST API (curl)List Pods using the oc get pods commandRemote shell to a pod using the oc rsh commandRestart Pod using the oc delete pod commandRestart Pod using the REST API (curl)Update a pods max heap (oc edit JAVA_OPTS)Update a pods metaspace (oc edit JAVA_OPTS)View a pods memory (RAM oc edit)Project / NamespaceChange Project using the oc project commandCreate Project using the oc create commandCreate Project using the oc new-project commandDelete Project using the oc delete project commandList namespaces using REST API (curl)List projects using the oc get netnamespaces commandList projects using the oc get projects commandShow project details using the oc describe commandRoutesList Routes using the oc describe route commandList Routes using the oc get routes commandSecretsCreate Secret using the oc apply commandCreate Secret using the oc secrets commandDelete Secret using REST API (curl)Deleting Secrets using the oc delete secret commandDisplay secret content using the oc secrets commandList Secrets using REST API (curl)List Secrets using the oc get secrets commandUsing a secretServicesCreate load balance service using the oc create service commandDisplay load balance service detailsList Services using REST API (curl)List Services using the oc get services commandSSL / TLSList SSL certificates in a config mapList SSL certificates in a secretService CA (certificate authority) SSL certificateView a pods SSL certificateStart Stop RestartStart Stop Restart Node using the master-restart commandTroubleshootingoc adm diagnostics commandPod stuck TerminatingResolve "Cluster version operator has not retrieved updates"Resolve "ContainerCreating"Resolve "CrashLoopBackOff"Resolve "Disk High Watermark" (pod health status yellow or red)Resolve "Error trying to connect to APM Server"Resolve "failed to pull image manifest unknown ImagePullBackOut"Resolve "FailedMount Unable to attach or mount volumes timed out waiting for the condition"Resolve "Kubelet stopped posting node status"Resolve "Prometheus has failed to evaluate rules in the last 5m"Resolve "ThanosQueryHttpRequestQueryRangeErrorRateHigh"Resolve node status NotReadyUsersDisplay user name and token using the oc whoami commandVersionoc get clusterversion commandoc version command