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Getting Started with OpenShiftAdmin ConsoleGetting Started with the Admin ConsoleApplication DeployDeploy an application using the oc new-app commandDeploy an application using the oc new-app command from imageDeployment status using the oc status commandView deployments using the oc get deployments commandCluster Application Migration (CAM) ToolMigrate Application - Create the Migration PlanMigrate Application - Migrate a PlanMigrate Application - Stage a PlanCodeReady Containerscrc cleanup command (CodeReady Containers version)crc config command (CodeReady Containers)crc delete command (CodeReady Containers)crc setup command (CodeReady Containers)crc start command (CodeReady Containers)crc status command (CodeReady Containers)crc stop command (CodeReady Containers)crc version command (CodeReady Containers version)crc.log (CodeReady Containers log)Config MapsViewing Config Maps using the oc describe configmap commandViewing Config Maps using the oc get configmap commandegressegress IP using the oc get hostsubnet commandEventsViewing Events using the oc get events commandViewing Node events using the oc describe node commandViewing Pod Events using the Admin ConsoleViewing Pod events using the oc describe pod commandImagesListing images using the oc get images commandInstallInstall 60 day free trial version of Red Hat OpenShift on VMWareInstall CodeReady ContainersInstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on Linux or MacInstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on WindowsUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on LinuxUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on MacUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on WindowsInternal RegistryListing repositories in the internal registryLoggingView pod logs using the Cluster ConsoleView pod logs using the oc logs commandViewing logs using the master-logs commandLoginoc login commandNodesViewing Nodes using the Admin ConsoleViewing Nodes using the oc get nodes commandoc commandGetting Started with the oc commandPodsDelete Pod using the oc delete pod commandRemote shell to a pod using the oc rsh commandRestart Pod using the Cluster Console (delete pod)Viewing Pods using the Cluster ConsoleViewing Pods using the oc get pods commandProjectsChange Project using the oc project commandCreate Project using the oc new-project commandDelete Project using the oc delete project commandViewing Projects using the Admin ConsoleViewing Projects using the oc describe commandViewing Projects using the oc get projects commandRoutesViewing Routes using the oc describe route commandViewing Routes using the oc get routes commandSecretsCreating Secrets using the Admin ConsoleCreating Secrets using the oc secrets commandDeleting Secrets using the Admin ConsoleDeleting Secrets using the oc delete secret commandUpdating Secrets using the Admin ConsoleViewing Secrets using the Admin ConsoleViewing Secrets using the oc get secrets commandServicesViewing Services using the Admin ConsoleViewing Services using the oc get services commandStart Stop RestartStart Stop Restart Node using the master-restart commandTroubleshootingoc adm diagnostics commandResolve "ContainerCreating"Resolve "CrashLoopBackOff"Resolve "Kubelet stopped posting node status"Resolve node status NotReadyUsersDisplay user name and token using the oc whoami command