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Getting Started with OpenShiftAdmin ConsoleGetting Started with the Admin ConsoleAnnotateAnnotate a resource using the oc annotate commandAPI ServerDisplay API Server URL using the oc config view commandDisplay api URL using the oc get apiserver commandAuthentication / Identity ProvidersAdd Update Remove Identity ProvidersCreate htpasswd OAuth Identity ProviderList identities using the oc get identity commandList the enabled authentication methodsUpdate htpasswd Identity ProviderBuilds and Build ConfigsList Build Configs using the oc get buildconfigs commandClusteroc cluster-infoCluster Application Migration (CAM) ToolMigrate Application - Create the Migration PlanMigrate Application - Migrate a PlanMigrate Application - Stage a PlanCodeReady Containerscrc cleanup command (CodeReady Containers version)crc config command (CodeReady Containers)crc delete command (CodeReady Containers)crc setup command (CodeReady Containers)crc start command (CodeReady Containers)crc status command (CodeReady Containers)crc stop command (CodeReady Containers)crc version command (CodeReady Containers version)crc.log (CodeReady Containers log)Display CodeReady Container login credentials using the crc console commandInstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on Linux or MacInstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on WindowsUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on LinuxUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on MacUninstall OpenShift CodeReady Containers on WindowsConfig MapsConfigure a Deployment with Config MapsCreate Config MapDelete Config Maps using the oc delete configmap commandEdit Config Map using the oc edit commandList Config Maps using REST APIList Config Maps using the oc get configmaps commandMount multiple Config Maps to the same directory using projected volumeContainersList the containers in a deployment or podRun a command in a containercopyCopy file between container and host using the oc cp commandCron and JobsList cronjobs using the oc get cronjob commandList Jobs using the oc get jobs commandManually run cronjobDaemon SetsList deamon sets using the oc get daemonsets commandDeploymentsDelete deployment using the oc delete deployment commandDeploy a new version of an application using the oc rollout commandDeploy an application from a buildDeploy an application from a JSON or YAML fileDeploy an application from an imageDeploy an application from Docker HubDeploy an application from GitHubDeploy Hello OpenshiftDeployment status using the oc status commandLabel a deployment using the oc label commandList deployment configs using the oc get deploymentconfigs commandList deployment environment variablesList deployments using REST APIList deployments using the oc get deployments commandUpdate a deployment YAML template file using the oc edit commandDNSList DNS objects using the oc get dns commandList OpenShift DNS URLsegressAssign egress IP address to a node using the oc patch hostsubnet commandAssign egress IP address to a project using the oc patch netnamespace commandCreate egress network policy rulesEdit egress rules using the oc edit commandList egress IP and CIDR using the oc get hostsubnet commandList egress IP using the oc get netnamespace commandList egress rules using the oc get egressnetworkpolicy commandElastic Searches_util query indicesMonitor an Application Server in Elastic APMEndpointsList endpoints using the oc get endpoints commandEnvironment VariablesCreate deployment environment variablesDelete environment variables using the oc set env commandList environment variables using the oc set env commandetcdList etcdEventsDelete events using the oc delete events commandList Events using the oc get events commandView Node events using oc describe or oc getView Pod events using oc describe or oc getImagesCreate image using the oc import-image commandList images using the oc get images commandList images using the oc get imagestreams commandPull image from a registry using the podman pull commandIngressCreate Ingress RouteDisplay ingress domain apps URLList Ingress Controllers using the oc get ingresscontroller commandList Ingress Route using the oc get ingress commandList Ingress Routers using the oc get services commandInstallInstall 60 day free trial version of Red Hat OpenShift on VMWareJSONParse JSON using jsonpathLabelsUnderstanding LabelsLimits and QuotasCreate Cluster Resource QuotaCreate CPU Memory LimitsCreate QuotaList Cluster Resource Quota using the oc get clusterresourcequota commandList CPU Memory Limits using the oc get limits commandList Quota using the oc get quota commandUpdate a deployment with CPU Memory resource requests and limitsLoggingElastic Search logs (ELK EFK stack)Filebeat logs (ELK EFK stack)Fluentd log level (ELK EFK stack)Fluentd logs (ELK EFK stack)Kibana Logs (ELK EFK stack)log level option (--loglevel)View logs using the master-logs commandView pod logs using the oc logs commandLoginoc login commandMachines / NodesDelete machine using the oc delete machine commandLabel a node using the oc label commandList Machine Config Pool using the oc get machineconfigpool commandList machine sets using the oc get machineset commandList machines using the oc get machines commandList nodes using the oc get nodes commandRestart node using the oc debug node commandStart a node in debug mode using the oc debug commandMust GatherCreating a Must Gather using the oc adm must-gather commandNetwork PoliciesAllow or deny all egress traffic in a project using Network PolicyAllow or deny all ingress traffic in a project using Network PolicyAllow or deny all traffic based on IP address, CIDR or port using Network PolicyAllow requests that match pod labelAllow traffic from a namespace using Network PolicyList Network Policies using the oc get networkpolicies commandOAuthList OAuth Bearer Token using REST APIList OAuth Identity Providers using the oc get oauth commandObtain OAuth Bearer Token using REST APIoc commandGetting Started with the oc commandOperatorsList Cluster Operators using the oc get clusteroperator commandList Operators using the oc get operators commandOutput Formatcustom-columns optionPod PlacementRun a pod on a specific node using nodeAffinityRun a pod on a specific node using nodeSelector Run a pod on a specific node using podAffinityRun a pod on a specific node using taint and tolerationsPodsConfigure a pod to create heap dumps (oc edit JAVA_OPTS)Create a pod using a YAML template fileDelete Pod using the oc delete pod commandDeploy a pod from a JSON or YAML fileEvicting pods from a node (oc adm drain)Exchanging messages between podsExecute a command in a pod using the oc exec commandLabel a pod using the oc label commandList pods using REST APIList pods using the oc get pods commandRemote shell to a pod using the oc rsh commandRestart Pod using the oc delete pod commandRestart Pod using the REST APIUpdate a pods max heap (oc edit JAVA_OPTS)Update a pods metaspace (oc edit JAVA_OPTS)View a pods memory usage (RAM)Port ForwardCreate a port forward rule using the oc port-forward commandProject / NamespaceChange Project using the oc project commandCreate a ProjectCreate Project Template using the oc adm create-bootstrap-project-template commandDelete project using REST APIDelete Project using the oc delete project commandDisable new Project creation by editing the self-provisioners Cluster Role BindingDisable new Project creation using projectRequestMessageInspect a project using the oc adm inspect commandList projects using REST APIList projects using the oc get netnamespaces commandList projects using the oc get projects commandProxyList proxy servers using the oc get proxy commandRegistriesList repositories in the internal registrySign into using the podman login commandReplicasList replicas using REST APIList replicas using the oc get replicaset commandList replicaset environment variablesReplication ControllersCreate Replication ControllerList Replication ControllersRevisionsController replicaset and replication controller revisions using triggersRole BindingsAdd or Remove a Role Binding from a User Group or Service AccountCreate Role BindingList Role BindingsRolesCreate RolesDetermine if a User or Group has permission using oc adm policy who-canList RolesRouterUnderstanding Default RouterRoutesCreate insecured Route using the oc expose commandCreate secured Route using Self Signed CertificateCreate secured Route using the oc create route commandLabel a route using the oc label commandList Routes using the oc get routes commandResolve route automatically recreatingScale / AutoscaleAdd machines nodes using the oc scale machineset commandAutomatically scale a pod using Horizontal Pod AutoscalerList autoscalers using the oc get horizontalpodautoscalers commandRestart deployment using the oc scale command (replicas)SchedulerList Schedulers using the oc get scheduler commandMarking node as schedulable or unschedulableSecretsConfigure a Deployment with Secrets as a VariableConfigure a Deployment with Secrets as a Volume MountCreate Opaque Generic Secrets (key value pairs)Create TLS SecretsDelete Secret using REST APIDeleting Secrets using the oc delete secret commandDisplay secret content using the oc secrets commandList Secrets using REST APIList Secrets using the oc get secrets commandPrefix Secrets using oc set env --prefixUpdate Secret using the oc replace commandSecurity Context Constraints (SCC)Add a Security Context Constraint to a User or Group or Service AccountCreate a Security Context ConstraintDelete a Security Context ConstraintList Security Context Constraints allowed by a deploymentList Security Context Constraints using the oc get securitycontextconstraints commandRemove a Security Context Constraint from a User or Group or Service AccountRun a deployment with a Service Account and Security Context ConstraintUpdate a deployment with Security Context (runAsUser runAsGroup fsGroup)Service AccountsCreate Service AccountsList Service AccountsServicesAssign an external IP address to a service using the oc patch service commandCreate ClusterIP ServiceCreate ClusterIP Service using the oc expose pod commandCreate load balance service using the oc create service commandList Services using REST APIList Services using the oc get services commandsosreportCreate an SOS reportSSL / TLSList SSL certificates in a config mapList SSL certificates in a deployment container args (arguments)List SSL certificates in a secretService CA (certificate authority) SSL certificateView a pods SSL certificateStorage ClassesCreate Storage Classes using a YAML template fileList Storage Classes using the oc get storageclass commandTemplatesGetting Started with TemplatesList Templates using the oc get templates commandTroubleshootingoc adm diagnostics commandPod stuck TerminatingResolve "Application is not available"Resolve "Cluster operator network has not retrieved updates"Resolve "Cluster version operator has not retrieved updates"Resolve "Connection refused"Resolve "Connection timed out"Resolve "ContainerCreating"Resolve "context deadline exceeded"Resolve "CrashLoopBackOff"Resolve "DaemonSet openshift-sdn is not available awaiting nodes"Resolve "Disk High Watermark" (pod health status yellow or red)Resolve "DiskPressure"Resolve "Error from server (InternalError): Internal error occurred: unexpected response: 500"Resolve "Error trying to connect to APM Server"Resolve "error: tls: failed to parse private key"Resolve "error: unable to upgrade connection: container not found"Resolve "exceeded quota"Resolve "failed quota"Resolve "failed to pull image manifest unknown ImagePullBackOut"Resolve "Failed to pull image proxyconnect timeout"Resolve "FailedMount Unable to attach or mount volumes timed out waiting for the condition"Resolve "forbidden: User cannot list resource in API group"Resolve "hostPath type check failed is not a file"Resolve "hostPath volumes are not allowed to be used"Resolve "Kubelet stopped posting node status"Resolve "Missing or incomplete configuration info. Please point to an existing, complete config file"Resolve "Multi-Attach error for volume"Resolve "must not have leading or trailing whitespace"Resolve "Permission Denied" with mounted Persistent Volume ClaimResolve "Prometheus has failed to evaluate rules in the last 5m"Resolve "taint that the pod didn't tolerate"Resolve "ThanosQueryHttpRequestQueryRangeErrorRateHigh"Resolve "Throttling request took"Resolve "unable to validate against any security context constraint"Resolve "verify you have provided the correct host and port and that the server is currently running"Resolve "You are not a member of any projects"Resolve "You may not request a new project via this API"Resolve "You must obtain an API token"Resolve "You need to be root to perform this command"Resolve cluster operator degradedResolve Liveness or Readiness probe failedResolve node status NotReadyResolved "Error creating deployer pod"Users / GroupsAdd user to a group using the oc adm groups add-users commandCreate group using the oc adm groups commandDelete kubeadmin user accountDelete User AccountDisplay user name and token using the oc whoami commandDisplay users token using the oc config view commandList Groups using the oc get groups commandList Users using the oc get users commandRemove user from a group using the oc admin groups remove-users commandVersionDetermine Cluster IDoc get clusterversion commandoc version commandVolumesCreate Persistent VolumeCreate Persistent Volume ClaimCreate Shared Volume using a YAML template fileDetermine Persistent Volume Claim used spaceElastic File System (EFS) for Red Hat OpenShift on Amazon Web Services (AWS) (ROSA)Label a Persistent Volume using the oc label commandList Persistent Volume Claims using the oc get pvc commandList Persistent Volume using the oc get pv commandList Shared Volumes using the oc get sharedvolumes commandMount a local directory in a containerMount a Persistent Volume in a containerMount a Shared Volume in a containerMount an empty directory in a container using the oc set volume commandResize Persistent Volume Claim available storage