OpenShift - Deployment status using the oc status command

An image contains the code used to create a deployment. Then, a deployment can be created from an image, which should then create a replica set (which is the number of pods that should be created), and then the pods should be created.

If you are not familiar with the oc command, refer to OpenShift - Getting Started with the oc command.

Before you can use the oc status command, you must first use the oc login command to login, and also use the oc project command to select the project that you want to get the status against. Let's say the oc get deployments command show that project "myProject" contain 1 deployment, "app001".

~]# oc project myProject
~]# oc get deployments
app001          1         1         1            1           205d


The oc status command will display the status of the each deployment in the project. The oc config view or oc get apiserver commands can be used to display the API Server URL ( in this example).

svc/app001 -
  deployment/app001 deploys
    deployment #5 running for 6 months - 1 pod
    deployment #4 deployed 6 months ago
    deployment #3 deployed 6 months ago
    deployment #2 deployed 6 months ago


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