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OpenShift - Resolve "CrashLoopBackOff"

The oc get pods command can be used to view the status of a pod. In this example, mypod003 has crash looped 123 times.

~]# oc get pods -o wide
NAME        READY   STATUS            RESTARTS  AGE  IP              NODE                 NOMINATED MODE
mypod001    1/1     Running           0         8d  <none>
mypod002    1/1     Running           0         8d  <none>
mypod003    1/1     CrashLoopBackOff  123       8d  <none>


The oc get events command may display helpful events.

oc get events --namespace project001


Something like this could be returned.

LAST SEEN   FIRST SEEN   COUNT     NAME                                                             KIND      SUBOBJECT                        TYPE      REASON      SOURCE              MESSAGE
53m         1d           162       pod001-0.0.5-master-2-2-7db7cccc54-x4lql.162212ee500ec2d5        Pod       spec.containers{mypod001}        Warning   Unhealthy   kubelet, server01   Readiness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 503


With this intel in hand, you can check to see if there is anything interesting in the current log.

oc logs pod/pod001 --namespace project001 --container app001


Or in the previous log.

oc logs --previous pod/pod001 --namespace project001 --container app001


If the logs contain some sort of event at something other than log level INFO, this might be why the pod is crash looping.

-2021-08-05 05:30:24.085 - WARN                  7 --- [nio-8081-exec-3] o.s.b.a.amqp.RabbitHealthIndicator       : Rabbit health check failed
org.springframework.amqp.AmqpIOException: connect timed out


Following are things you can try to resolve the crash looping.

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