OpenShift - Create a port forward rule using the oc port-forward command

Let's say you have a pod named hello-openshift that is listening on port 8080.

~]# oc describe pod hello-openshift | grep -i port
    Port:           8080/TCP


The oc port-forward command can be used to create a port forward rule that will be used to forward the request from some other port to port 8080.

~]# oc port-forward pod/hello-openshift 12345:8080
Forwarding from -> 8080
Forwarding from [::1]:12345 -> 8080


The oc adm policy who-can command can be used to determine if you have a role that grants permission to create a port forward rule. You may need to Add or Remove a Role Binding from a User Group or Service Account.

~]$ oc adm policy who-can create port-forward

Namespace: my-project
Verb:      create
Resource:  port-forward

Users:  system:admin
Groups: my-group


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