OpenShift - Label a pod using the oc label command

If you are not familiar with the oc command, refer to OpenShift - Getting Started with the oc command.

A node contains one or more pods, and each pod contains one or more containers.


The oc label pod command can be used to apply one or more labels to a pod. In this example, label region=east is applied to the pod named my-app-c4v5h.

~]$ oc label pod my-app-c4v5h region=east
pod/my-app-c4v5h labeled


And the oc describe pod command can be used to see the labels that have been applied to the pod.

~]$ oc describe pod my-app-c4v5h
Name:         my-app-c4v5h
Namespace:    foo
Priority:     0
Node:         worker-hsjrp/
Start Time:   Tue, 26 Jul 2022 07:22:41 -0500
Labels:       region=east


And here is how you can remove a label. In this example, the region label will be removed.

~]$ oc label pod my-app-c4v5h region-
pod/my-app-c4v5h labeled


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