OpenShift - Resolve "ThanosQueryHttpRequestQueryRangeErrorRateHigh"

Let's say a Thanos pod, which is typically found in the openshift-monitoring namespace, is returning ThanosQueryHttpRequestQueryRangeErrorRateHigh.

The oc describe command can be used to view the events of the Thanos pods. Thanos pod events may also have Readiness and Liveness probe failed.

~]$ oc describe pod/thanos-querier-549f6dc744-7xxlp --namespace openshift-monitoring
  Type     Reason     Age                  From     Message
  ----     ------     ----                 ----     -------
  Warning  Unhealthy  16m (x217 over 53d)  kubelet  Readiness probe failed: command timed out
  Warning  Unhealthy  15m (x189 over 53d)  kubelet  Liveness probe failed: command timed out


The oc get pods command may show that the Thanos pods may have a number of restarts.

~]$ oc get pods --namespace openshift-monitoring
NAME                                           READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
thanos-querier-549f6dc744-7xxlp                5/5     Running   15         53d
thanos-querier-549f6dc744-dt2ld                5/5     Running   11         53d


The oc version command can be used to display the client, server and Kubernetes version. After we opened a case with Red Hat on this, we were told this is a known bug that should be fixed in version 4.8.2, thus if you are below version 4.8.2, this may be a bug you could observe.

~]$ oc version
Client Version: 4.6.8
Server Version: 4.6.8
Kubernetes Version: v1.19.0+7070803


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