Icecast - Install Icecast on Linux

Use the apt-get or yum command to install Icecast2.

apt-get install icecast2
yum install icecast2


By default, the owner and group owner of the Icecast access.log and error.log is root:root. Change the owner to be icecast2:icecast2. This is necessary to prevent error "could not open access.log", which may prevent Icecast from starting.

chown -r icecast2:icecast2 /var/log/icecast2


The ps command can be used to determine if your system is using init or systemd. If PID 1 is init, then you will use the service command. If PID 1 is systemd, then you will use the systemctl command.

If your system is using systemd, use the systemctl command to start and enable icecast2.

systemctl enable icecast2
systemctl start icecast2
systemctl status icecast2


If your system is using init, use the chkconfig and service commands to start and enable icecast2.

chkconfig icecast2 on
service icecast2 start
service icecast2 status


Type http://localhost:8080 into the Web browser.

Next we need to change the logdir, webroot and adminroot directives in the /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml file.

  1. In Terminal, type nano /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml and press Enter.
  2. Press Ctrl W, type logdir and press Enter to go to the area of the icecast.xml file that has the logdir directive.
  3. Ensure the directive reads <logdir>/var/log/icecast2/</logdir>
  4. Ensure the webroot directive reads <webroot>/etc/icecast2/web/</webroot>
  5. Ensure the adminroot directive reads <adminroot>/etc/icecast2/admin/</adminroot>
  6. Press Ctrl O (to save)
  7. Press Ctrl X (to exit the nano editor)


If Icecast is running on the same image as your Apache Web Server, Apache might be using port 8080. In this case, we would just need to give Icecast a different port, such as 8181.

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