Ansible - Resolve "Distribution should use /usr/bin/python3, but is using /usr/bin/python"

When running a playbook, let's say the following warning is displayed.

[DEPRECATION WARNING]: Distribution fedora 34 on host should use /usr/bin/python3, but is using /usr/bin/python for backward compatibility with prior Ansible releases.
A future Ansible release will default to using the discovered platform python for this host.
See for
more information.
This feature will be removed in version 2.12.
Deprecation warnings can be disabled by setting deprecation_warnings=False in ansible.cfg.


As the warning suggests, deprecation warnings can be displayed in ansible.cfg. However, this is probably not the ideal solution.



By default, The ansible_python_interpreter fact is set to auto_legacy. When set to auto_legacy, /usr/bin/python will be set as the ansible_python_interpreter instead of /usr/bin/python3. This warning can be suppressed by setting the ansible_python_interpreter fact to auto_legacy_silent, like this.

- hosts: all
    ansible_python_interpreter: auto_legacy_silent


Or by setting interpreter_python in ansible.cfg, like this.

interpreter_python: auto_legacy_silent


Or to auto.

- hosts: all
    ansible_python_interpreter: auto


Or to auto_silent.

- hosts: all
    ansible_python_interpreter: auto_silent


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