How to mount an .ISO in VMWare vSphere and boot from the .ISO

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This assumes that you already have vSphere installed, you are able to connect to a VMWare ESXi hypervisor, and you have a VM in vSphere ready to be mounted.

  1. In vSphere, right-click on the VM and select Edit Settings.

  1. The Virtual Machine Properties pop-up box appears. In the Virtual Machine Properties pop-up box, you should be on the Hardware Tab. Highlight CD/DVD drive 1, and check-mark Connect at power on.
    • The reason we select Connect at power on is so that the VM connects to the .ISO when the VM is powered on.
  2. Also on the Hardware Tab, you need to select the .ISO.  In this example, I have placed the bullet on Datastore ISO File and I have selected the .ISO I wish to mount.  Click OK to close the Virtual Machine Properties pop-up box.
  3. In vSphere, right-click on the VM and select Power -> Power On.  This will start the VM.  The VM should connect to the .ISO and start the process of running the .ISO, which most likely is a .ISO to install an Operating System.


After you have installed the Operating System, return to vSphere, and remove the check-mark from Connect at power on.

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