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AudioAdd HD audio to a virtual machineCPUList the amount of memory and CPU used using the esxtop commandDatastoresBackup ESXi datastores using PowerShellList datastores on the command line (esxcli)View datastores using PowerCLIInstallDownload and install ESXi HypervisorDownload and install vCenter serverDownload and install vSphereInstall VMWare ToolsUpgrade ESXi HypervisorLicenseAdd a license key in vSphere PowerCLIConnect to ESXi using PowerCLIPowerShellConnect to VMWare ESXi using PowerShellSnapshotsCreate a snapshot of a virtual machine using PowerCLICreate and manage snapshots in ESXiSSHEnable SSH connections to ESXiStorageAdd a storage drive in vSphereTroubleshootingHow to ensure a VMWare ESXi storage drive never runs out of free spaceResolve "vmfs volumes vmdk was not found"Virtual MachinesAccess files on a CD or DVD in vSphereList virtual machines on the command line (vim-cmd esxcli)Mount an .ISO in vSphere and boot from the .ISOMove a virtual machine from one storage drive to storage drive in vSphere ESXiPower on or off Virtual Machine on the command line (vim-cmd)