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SFTP - Transfer a file

This assumes you already have a working SSH server. On a client computer in the LAN, type sftp following by the user account you want to connect as and the domain name or IP address of the SSH server.  For example, sftp  If the connection is successful, you will be prompted to enter the password.  If the password is verified, you will get an interactive sftp> prompt.

Let's say you have a a file on your client, such as C:\users\username\Downloads\samplefile1.txt, and you want to transfer this file to /srv/samba/share on the SSH server. Use the lcd (local change directory) to change to the C:\Users\username\Downloads folder on the client.

sftp > lcd C:\Users\username\Downloads


Use the cd (change directory) to change the the /srv/samba/share directory on the SSH server.

sftp > cd /srv/samba/share


Use the put command to transfer the samplefile1.txt file from the client to the server.

sftp > put samplefile1.txt


Use the ls (list) command to verify that the samplefile1.txt file was successfully transferred to the server.

sftp > ls
-rw-rw-r--    1   jeremy  jeremy   0   Dec 4  19:07   samplefile1.tx


Use the exit command to disconnect from the SSH server.

sftp > exit


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