How to trigger a Lightbox pop-up box to appear by clicking a form button

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This assumes you have followed the directions in the article on how to add a Lighbox pop-up box. In this article, I will show how you can use a button to trigger the pop-up box.  First, add the following code to the BODY tag in your markup.

<body onclick="document.getElementByID('Error1a').click()">


Next, we will create a form, and place both a button and a Lightbox image inside the form. Notice ID Error1a is inside the A tag.  The ID in the onclick event must be the same as the ID in the A tag.

<form method="post" action="#">
  <a id='Error1a' href='error1a.jpg' target='_self' rev='wplightbox~#~~#~'>
  <button> click here </button>


This example is practical when you need to display an error message when something goes wrong.  For example, your form could have a limit to only allow 8,000 characters max. If more than 8,000 characters are in the input data, then we can trigger an error to appear.

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