FreeKB - Monitor a WebSphere application server
Introscope - Monitor a WebSphere application server

  1. In the WebSphere admin console, expand Servers > Server types.
  2. Select WebSphere application server.
  3. Select a JVM.
  4. Expand Java and Process Management.
  5. Select Process definition.
  6. Select Java Virtual Machine.

The Generic JVM arguments field should contain one of the following options in order for Introscope to monitor the WebSphere JVM. Replace "introscope_home" with the path to where Introscope is installed, such as /opt/introscope/.



Notice the above markup references the file IntroscopeAgent.WAS85.profile. Probably the most important line in the IntroscopeAgent.WAS85.profile is transport TCP host. This line determines the Introscope server that will be used for monitoring. Ensure this is pointing to the correct server. Replace "your_hostname" with the hostname of your Introscope server.


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