FreeKB - PowerShell Get-Date command
PowerShell - Get-Date command

Using the date function in PowerShell is easy. To get started, use the following to display today's date:

$date = (Get-Date).ToString('MM/dd/yyyy')
write-host $date


You probably want to include the date in another string, like this:

$date = (Get-Date).ToString('MM/dd/yyyy')
$today = "Today's date is $date."

write-host $today


The previous examples work's great because there is a space after the word "is" and before the $date function. However, if there are no spaces, we need to put the date function in parenthesis.

$date = (Get-Date).ToString('MM/dd/yyyy')
$file= "Here is the file you requested: example$($date).pdf"

write-host $file


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