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base64Base64 encoding and decodingBatch FilesStart a PowerShell script from a batch fileBreakBreak out of a loop or blockcommand line options and flagsGetting Started with command line options and flagsCountGet-ChildItem Count commandDate TimeDate and Time using Get-DateDictionariesGetting Started with DictionariesEvent ViewerExport event viewer to a log fileFiles and DirectoriesCopy file using Copy-ItemCreate file using New-Item or Set-ContentDelete files and directories using using Remove-ItemDetermine if file or directory exists using Test-PathGet file base name and directory nameList files and directories using Get-ChildItemRead file using Get-ContentRename file or directory using Rename-ItemUnzip files using Expand-ArchiveUpload or Download files between remote servers using Copy-Item and PSSessionFilterFilter results using Select-StringFTPConnect to an FTP ServerConnect to an FTPS ServerConnect to an SFTP ServerList files on an FTP serverUpload, download, and delete files from an FTP serverFunctionsGetting Started with functionsHostnameSystem hostname using the $env:computername variableif elseif else statementsif elseif else statementsInstallDownload and install a fileISOBootable USB ISOListsGetting Started with ListsMap a Network DriveMap a Network Drive using New-PSDriveRemote ConnectionConfigure PowerShell for Remote ConnectionsConnect to a remote server using New-PSSessionDisconnect from a remote server using Remove-PSSessionRun Commands on Remote Server using Invoke-CommandReplaceReplace stringRun EXERun an executable or bat scriptSchedulingRun a PowerShell script on a schedule using FBTaskSchedulerServicesRestart a service using Restart-ServiceSpliting stringSplit fields at delimiterSQL statementsSQL statementsTroubleshootingResolve "the source and destination paths did not resolve to the same provider"Resolve "Cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is disabled on this system"Resolve "the specified server cannot perform the requested operation"Resolve "The WinRM client cannot complete the operation within the time specified"Users and GroupsAdd a user to the administrators group using the adsi commandVersionDisplay PowerShell version