FreeKB - Ansible mail module (send email)
Ansible - mail module (send email)

The mail module can be used to send email. The ansible-doc mail command can be used to show the Ansible documention on the mail module.

In this example, an email will be sent to

- mail:
    host: ""
    port: "587"
    secure: "starttls"
    username: "your_username"
    password: "your_password"
    from: ""
    to: "John Doe <>"
    cc: "Jane Doe <>"
    subject: "Example Subject"
    body: "Line one \n Line two \n Line three"
  delegate_to: "localhost"


If the email is successfully sent, the play should return the following.

PLAY [all]

TASK [Gathering Facts]
ok: []

TASK [mail]
ok: [ -> localhost]

PLAY RECAP   : ok=2  changed=0  unreachable=0  failed=0


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