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How to configure visual settings in Linux

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The high contrast setting can be enabled to increase the constrast of GUIs. In this example, high constrast is turned off.


In this example, high constrast is turned on.


Turning on large text automatically configured the GUIs to display large text. Notice in this example that large text is turned on and the text in the GUI is large.


Braille display, as the name implies, displays Braille instead of text. This requires a special kind of device, so that folks that use Braille can touch the Braille device to read and write text. Braille software, such as BRLTTY is used to convert text to Braille.


Screen magnifier, also known as Zoom, lets you zoom in. In this example, the magnifiier is set to +2, which makes the screen twice as large as normal. As you move your mouse, you can scroll around to see the screen.

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