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ArraysDefine array using localsDefine array using variable blockData Sourcesexternal data source (return JSON from a script)FunctionsReplace functionUsing count to do something based on whether a condition evaluates to true or falseHashDefine hash using localsMerge hashesIgnore ChangesIgnore changes using ignore_changesLoopsLoop over list using for_eachRepeat Task using CountOutputPrint output from resource blockPrint output string integer boolean variablePrint output using data blockprovisionerRun a local command (local-exec)Run a remote command (remote-exec)Random ShuffleRandom Shuffle a listResource BlockUsing values returned by a resource blockTroubleshootingResolve "input variable is not set"VariablesDefine variables in terraform.tfvars filesDefine variables using localsDefine variables using terraform_remote_stateDefine variables using variable block