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Authenticationdisplay a users privileges using SELECT mysql.usersdisplay a users privileges using SHOW GRANTS statementpasswordless authenticationSign into mySQL or MariaDB using the mysql commandUpdate a users privileges using the GRANT statementBackup / RestoreBack up a mySQL or MariaDB database using the mysqldump commandImport .sql file (mysqldump)Import .sql file on Docker using the mysqldump commandColumnsAdd a new column to a tableChange the size of a column in a table using the alert table commandList the columns in a table using the show columns or describe commandRemove a column using the alter table commandRename a column in a tableUpdate the value of a column in a tableDatabasesCreate a new databaseuse databaseEngineInnoDB ibdata fileshow table engine (InnoDB MyISAM)fulltext indexFulltext stop wordsMinimum maximum fulltext word lengthFundamentalsUnderstanding PRIMARY KEY and auto_incrementInstallInstall MariaDB on DockerInstall MariaDB on LinuxInstall MySQL on LinuxLogsBinary Logserror loglog levelPurge binary logsMigrationMigrate a database from SQL Server to MySQLperror commandperror commandPortport (3306)Regular Expressions (regex)mysqli real escape string Remote ConnectionConfigure mySQL or MariaDB to allow remote connections on DockerConfigure mySQL or MariaDB to allow remote connections on LinuxReplicationDisplay master status using the show master status commandDisplay slave status using the show slave status commandMaster-Master replication on DockerMaster-Slave replicationMaster-Slave replication on DockerReset master using the reset master commandStart slave using the start slave commandStop slave using the stop slave commandRowscount rows in a tableStart Stop Restartstart stop and restart mySQL or MariaDBTablesCreate a new tableDisplay write access to table using flush tables with read lockDrop a tableInsert a row into a tableList the tables in a database using the show tables commandTroubleshootingResolve "1045 (28000): Access denied for user using password: YES"Resolve "Aborted connection to db unconnected"Resolve "Duplicate entry for key PRIMARY"Resolve "ERROR 2002 (HY000) Cant connect to local MySQL server through socket"Resolve "ERROR 2002 [HY000] Permission denied"Resolve "ERROR 2003 (HY000) Cant connect to MySQL server (110)" (connection timed out)Resolve "ERROR 2003 (HY000) Cant connect to MySQL server (111)" (connection refused)UsersCreate user account using the CREATE USER statementDelete user account using the DROP USER statementList users using the SELECT USERS statementUpdate a users password using the SET PASSWORD statementVersionDetermine the version of mySQL or MariaDB on Linux