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IBM WebSphere - Resolve "PROC0004E does not appear to be a valid executable"

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Let's say the following is being returned when attempting to start a WebSphere deployment manager or application server. Notice in this example that /opt/WebSphere/AppServer85/java_1.8_64/bin/java is listed.

ADMU0111E: Program exiting with error:
           Executable: [/opt/WebSphere/AppServer85/java_1.8_64/bin/java]
           does not appear to be a valid executable.  Process could not be


The managesdk.bat (Windows) or (Linux) command with the -listEnabledProfileAll option can be used to list the version of Java being used by the nodes and application servers for each profile. Notice in this example that Server001 is using 1.8_64 whereas Node01 is using 1.8_64_bundled.


If you are prompted for a username and password, refer to username password and the soap.client.props sas.client.props ipc.client.props files.

~]# ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/bin/ -listEnabledProfileAll

CWSDK1004I: Profile Profile01 : 1.8_64_bundled
CWSDK1006I: PROFILE_COMMAND_SDK = 1.8_64_bundled 
CWSDK1008I: Node Node01 SDK name: 1.8_64_bundled
CWSDK1009I: Server Server01 SDK name: 1.8_64


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