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IBM WebSphere - Applications report for Configuration Comparison Tool (CCT)

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This assumes you have Installed WebSphere Configuration Comparison Tool (CCT) and created two or more dump files and have created HTML using the Configuration Comparison Tool and now you are at the point where you need to create unique application reports. By default, the WebSphere Configuration Comparison Tool creates a single Application.html file that compares all of the applications between two different cells. This file can become nearly unusable when you have a large number of applications deployed to a cell. Fortunately, the file can be modified to create a unique HTML file for each application in the cells. For example, let's say the cell contains the following applications.



You would append the following to the bottom of the file to create a unique HTML report for each app.





In this example, the following HTML files will be created.



In this example, app1.html contains a dedicated report comparing app1 in cell "a" to app1 in cell "b".


Getting the list of apps deployed to each cell

It usually makes sense to automate the process of updating the file to contain the current list of app deployed to each cell, which means writing a script (Bash Perl Pyhon et cetera) to get the list of apps and to then update the file. The creation of a script is beyond the scope of this article. However, it is important to recognize that it usually makes sense to get the list of apps from the deployment manager instead of from each node agent server. The list of applications deployed to each node federated into the deployment manager will be in the ${was_install_root}/profiles/dmgr_profile/config/cells/your_cell/applications on the dmgr.

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June 15 2020 by Faisal
The report is generating and running file while running on Linux Env. However, getting a lot of syntax errors while running it on Windows. "Syntax error coming from file" however no changes are made to the file. Can you please help. Thanks

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