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IBM IHS Web Server - Uninstall

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This assumes IBM Installation Manager is still installed, as Installation Manager would have been used to install IHS.

Before uninstalling the IHS web server, stop the web server and stop the admin server and then use the ps command to confirm there are no running httpd processes on the server.

ps -ef | grep httpd


List the installed packages. In this example, IHS is installed in the /opt/IBM/IHS directory.

~]# /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl listInstalledPackages -long
/opt/IBM/IHS :


Create a compressed archive of the directory, so that you can restore IHS if needed.

tar -zcvf IHS.tar.gz /opt/IBM/IHS


Uninstall IHS. Instead of -showVerboseProgress, the -silent option can be used to not display any output during the uninstall.

/opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl uninstall
-installationDirectory /opt/IBM/IHS


Upon completion of the uninstall, the following text should be displayed.

Uninstalled from the /opt/IBM/IHS directory


After the uninstall, there may still be some files and directories left over. Removed the left over files and directories.

rm -rf /opt/IBM/IHS


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