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IBM WebSphere - Health monitoring control cycle

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This assumes you are familiar with Health Management in WebSphere. If not, check out our getting started article.

In the WebSphere admin console, navigate to Operational policies > Autonomic Managers > Health Controller. By default, Control cycle length will be set to 5 minutes. With this configuration, once every 5 minutes, the health controller will evaluate each health policy once every 5 minutes. Control cycle length can be a value between 1 and 60.


On the command line, you can use wsadmin to invoke the HmmControllerProcs.jacl script to view and configure the control cycle(examples based on Linux).

./ -profile HmmControllerProcs.jacl -c "setControlCycleLength integer_between_1_and_60"


View the current configuration.

./ -profile HmmControllerProcs.jacl -c "getControlCycleLength"


The following output will be displayed.

5 minutes


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