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IBM Portal - wp-update-federated-ldap-attribute-config

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The script is used to add, remove and validate entries in the Portal configuration engine. Refer to IBM Portal - Configuring for the steps on how to configure the workplace properties file ( so that can make a connection to Portal.

Before using wp-update-federated-ldap-attribute-config to add or update an LDAP property, you may want to use the wp-validate-federated-ldap-attribute-config option to ensure the attribute has not already been added to the Portal configuration engine. Or, you can review the /opt/WebSphere/AppServer<version>/profiles/<your profile>/config/cells/<your cell>/wim/config/wimconfig.xml and ensure the property is not listed.

  <config:attributes name="userPassword" propertyName="password"/>
    <config:attributes name="mail" propertyName="email">
    <config:attributes name="createTimestamp" propertyName="createTimestamp">
    <config:attributes name="fullName" propertyName="fullName">


The wp-update-federated-ldap-attribute-config option is used to add or update an LDAP property. The script will get the new property to add from the /opt/WebSphere/AppServer<version>/profiles/<your profile>/ConfigEngine/properties/ file. In this example, the LDAP fullName attribute will be added.



You would then invoke like this.

/opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/your_profile/ConfigEngine/ wp-update-federated-ldap-attribute-config


If the update is successful, BUILD SUCCESSFUL should be included at the end of the output.

     [echo] executing post-configuration tasks

     [echo] updated RegistrySynchronized in file with value: true


If the update is unsuccessful, BUILD FAILED should be included at the end of the output. In this scenario, review the to get an idea behind why the update failed. After resolving the issue identified in, run the wp-add-property command again until BUILD SUCCESSFUL is returned.

     [echo] executing post-configuration tasks

isIseries currently set to: null
Creating failure log in directory: /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/<your profile>/ConfigEngine/log
traceFile created /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/<your profile>/ConfigEngine/log/
basepath = /opt/WebSphere/ConfigEngine


The wp-validate-federated-ldap-attribute-config should show that the property has been added.

Restart the Portal application servers for this change to take effect.

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