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Ansible - ansible-galaxy info command

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Before downloading a role using the ansible-galaxy install command, you will first need to find the role that you want to install. Often, this is done by searching the Ansible Galaxy website for the role you want to install. For example, here is the HTTPD role on the Ansible Galaxy website.


Or, you can use the ansible-galaxy search command to find the role you want to install, and then the ansible-galaxy info command to display more information on a role. For example, here is the output that would be produced when using the ansible-galaxy info bertvv.httpd command.

~]$ ansible-galaxy info bertvv.httpd

Role: bertvv.httpd
        description: Installs the Apache web server on a RedHat based Linux distribution.
        active: True
        commit: e52068adaec7cb9c5d5d95597763bd9bd87269c1
        commit_message: Bump Fedora version
        created: 2015-03-06T13:41:15.137765Z
        download_count: 2157
        forks_count: 21
        github_branch: master
        github_repo: ansible-role-httpd
        github_user: bertvv
        id: 3047
        imported: 2018-10-07T19:04:51.987774-04:00
        is_valid: True
        license: BSD
        min_ansible_version: 2.0
        modified: 2018-10-07T23:04:51.987909Z
        open_issues_count: 0
        path: ('/usr/local/ansible/roles',)
        role_type: ANS
        stargazers_count: 13


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