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IBM Portal - Configure Portal to remove the Portal Password in Workplace Properties file (

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By default, the workplace properties file ( is located at the following directory on a Linux system.

/opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/<your profile>/ConfigEngine/properties/


The PWordDelete directive in the file is used to update the WasPassword and PortalAdminPwd directives in the file to contain a value of ReplaceWithYourPassword after the /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/your_profile/PortalServer/bin/ (apply cumulative fix script) is invoked.


When applying cumulative fix 204, my applyCF.log had the following.

‚Äč2022-08-17_01:07:09: Executing command: action-update-system-wp.proxy.config-dxq-21893
Exiting due to error. Return code = 1

ERROR: Update to cumulative fix is not complete.

I found this was most probably occurring because I did not have the PWordDelete directive defined in the file, and I suspect that while was doing it's thing, the WasPassword and PortalAdminPwd directives were probably updated to have a value of ReplaceWithYourPassword, which then caused wsadmin to return authentication failure, perhaps because wsadmin was using ReplaceWithYourPassword as the WebSphere password. To resolve this, before applying the cumulative fix, I set PWordDelete=false in After this was done, the cumulative fix was successfully applied. After the cumulative fix was applied, I then blanked out WasPassword and PortalAdminPwd in the file.


  • If the PWordDelete directive is not used or if the PWordDirective contains a value of true, the WasPassword and PortalAdminPwd directives in the file will be updated.
  • If the PWordDelete directive contains a value of false, the WasPassword and PortalAdminPwd directives in the file will not be updated.


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