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VMWare - List datastores on the command line (esxcli)

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This assumes you have enabled SSH connections to your ESX hypervisor.

The esxcli storage vmfs extent list command can be used to list the datastores on the command line.

~] esxcli storage vmfs extent list
Volume Name               VMFS UUID                            Extent Number  Device Name                                                                 Partition
------------------------  -----------------------------------  -------------  --------------------------------------------------------------------------  ---------
Western Digital 1 TB (1)  56cb7641-94c1efc6-db3d-10bf4879952f              0  t10.ATA_____WDC_WD10EZEX2D08M2NA0_________________________WD2DWCC3FC63TT9A          1
Seagate 2 TB (1)          56e1cfa3-e86e1332-5e56-10bf4879952f              0  t10.ATA_____ST2000DM0012D1ER164__________________________________Z4Z3Q7RQ           1
Seagate 2 TB (3)          56f7f5d6-8eeb97c0-58e0-10bf4879952f              0  t10.ATA_____ST2000DM0012D1CH164__________________________________Z1E374GQ           1
Western Digital 1 TB (2)  56fad8b3-cc8a6b36-bf67-10bf4879952f              0  t10.ATA_____WDC_WD10EZEX2D21M2NA0____________________________WCC3F2SV188D           1
datastore_VMs             57657886-7b8f67a9-b213-10bf4879952f              0  t10.ATA_____Samsung_SSD_840_EVO_500GB_______________S1DHNSAF694212Z_____            1
ISOs                      57791617-4aecf696-6c9a-10bf4879952f              0  t10.ATA_____Samsung_SSD_850_EVO_120GB_______________S21WNXAH107391M_____            1


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