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AudioAdd HD audio to a virtual machineDatastoresBackup ESXi datastores using PowerShellView datastores using PowerCLIInstallDownload and install ESXi HypervisorDownload and install vCenter serverDownload and install vSphereInstall VMWare ToolsUpgrade ESXi HypervisorLicenseAdd a license key in vSphere PowerCLIConnect to ESXi using PowerCLIPowerShellConnect to VMWare ESXi using PowerShellSnapshotsCreate a snapshot of a virtual machine using PowerCLICreate and manage snapshots in ESXiSSHEnable SSH connections to ESXiStorageAdd a storage drive in vSphereTroubleshootingHow to ensure a VMWare ESXi storage drive never runs out of free spaceResolve "vmfs volumes vmdk was not found"Virtual MachinesAccess files on a CD or DVD in vSphereMount an .ISO in vSphere and boot from the .ISOMove a virtual machine from one storage drive to storage drive in vSphere ESXi