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VMWare - Add a storage drive in vSphere

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IMPORTANT! Adding a storage drive to VMWare's vSphere will format the drive, which will completely wipe the data from the drive. A minimum of 2 drives are required to move data from a Windows, Mac or Linux storage drive into VMWare. First, install VMWare's ESXi and vSphere on strorage drive "a." Create a virtual machine in VMWare, and then configure the virtual machine with a share. Add the share to computer "b." Move the data from computer "a" on the share on computer "b."

Follow these directions to add a storge drive in VMware's vSphere:

  1. In vSphere, select the root of your directory structure
  2. Select the Configuration tab
  3. Select Storage
  4. Select Add Storage...
  5. In the Add Storage dialog box, make the following selections:
    1. Bullet Disk/LUN and select Next
    2. Highlight the storage device you wish to add, and select Next
    3. Select Next
    4. When prompted to enter a datastore name, enter a new datastore name. The name of your current datastore(s) can be viewed on the Configuration tab in vSphere.
    5. Bullet Maximum available space and select Next
    6. Select Finish

The new storage device will now appear on the Configuration tab.

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