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Ansible - Manage Docker images using the docker_image module

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If you are not familiar with modules, check out Ansible - Getting Started with Modules.

A Docker image contains the code used to create a Docker container, such as creating a Nginx web server, or a mySQL server, or a home grown app, and the list goes on. In this way, an image is like a template used to create a container. An image is kind of like a virtual machine, but much more light weight, using significantly less storage a memory (containers are usually megabytes in size).


Outside of Ansible, using Docker, there are various ways to pull down an image:

  • Using the docker pull command (as-is image as-is is pulled down)
  • Using the docker run command (as-is image is pulled down and container is created/started)
  • Using the docker build command (image can be customized)
  • Using the docker stack deploy command (Docker Compose)


Typically, this module is not included in the default Ansible collections, thus you will probably need to install the community.docker collection.

ansible-galaxy collection install community.docker


The docker_image module with the source: pull argument is similar to the docker pull command, to pull down an image. Here is how you would pull down the latest hello-world image.


Often, root or sudo permission are needed. If you are running your playbook as a non-root user, you may need to use become to avoid Permission Denied.

- hosts: docker
  become: true
  become_user: root
  - docker_image:
      name: hello-world:latest
      source: pull


Let's say /usr/local/ansible/Dockerfile on your Ansible control node contains the following.

FROM hello-world:latest


The source: build argument is similar to the docker build command. Here is how you would copy Dockerfile from your Ansible control node to the target Docker systems and then use Dockerfile to build the latest hello-world image.

- hosts: docker
  become: true
  become_user: root
  - name: copy Dockerfile to Docker systems
      src: /usr/local/ansible/Dockerfile
      dest: /tmp/Dockerfile

  - docker_image:
      name: hello-world
      source: build
        path: /tmp
        pull: false

  - name: delete Dockerfile
      path: /tmp/Dockerfile
      state: absent


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