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OpenShift - Parse JSON using jsonpath

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If you are not familiar with the oc command, refer to OpenShift - Getting Started with the oc command.

Let's say you've a pod named hello-openshift. The oc get pod command with the --output json‚Äč option can be used to display the pods JSON.

    "apiVersion": "v1",
    "kind": "Pod",
    "spec": {
        "containers": [
                "image": "openshift/hello-openshift"
    "status": {
        "hostIP": "",


jsonpath can be used to print the value of a specific JSON key.

~]$ oc get pod hello-openshift --output jsonpath={.apiVersion}


And here is how to print the value of a non-array nested key.

~]$ oc get pod hello-openshift --output jsonpath={.status.hostIP}


Notice that the "containers" key is an array, as indicated by the bracket [ ] characters. One option is to include the index number of the array (0 in this example).

~]$ oc get pod hello-openshift --output jsonpath={.spec.containers[0].image}


Or, you can use the wildcard * character to loop through the array, returning the value of each occurrence of a certain key in the array.

~]$ oc get clusterrolebinding openshift-admins-cluster-admin --output jsonpath={.subjects[*].name}
Openshift_Admin openshift_admins


And here is how you can return two (or more) values.

~]$ oc get pod hello-openshift --output jsonpath="{.apiVersion} {.status.hostIP}"


Let's say you have a secret named my-cert that contains a key that contains a period (tls.crt in this example).

~]$ oc get secret my-cert --output json
    "apiVersion": "v1",
    "data": {
        "tls.crt": "LS0tLS1CRUdJTiBDRVJUS...",
        "kind": "Secret",
        "name": "my-cert"
    "type": ""


To return the JSON of the tls.crt key, you'll need to place double quotes around jsonpath and escape the period in tls.crt.

~]$ oc get secret my-cert --output jsonpath="{.data.tls\.crt}"


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