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Ansible - Importing tasks using import_tasks

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There are a few different ways to invoke one or more roles in a playbook.

Let's say you have the following structure.

├── /usr/local
│   ├── main.yml
│   ├── hello.yml
│   ├── roles
│   │   ├── foo
│   │   ├── ├── tasks
│   │   ├── ├── ├── main.yml
│   │   ├── bar
│   │   ├── ├── tasks
│   │   ├── ├── ├── main.yml


import_tasks can be used to import tasks from one playbook in another. In this example, since the main playbook main.yml and hello.yml are in the same directory, you could do something like this.

- hosts: all
  - import_tasks: hello.yml


And let's say hello.yml contains the following.

- name: greeting
    msg: Hello World


Running the main.yml playbook . . . 

ansible-playbook main.yml


Should return something like this.

TASK [greeting] 
ok: [localhost] => {
    "msg": "Hello World"


Since the main.yml playbooks for the "foo" and "bar" roles are not in the same directory as the main playbook main.yml, in this scenario, the absolute or relative path to the main.yml playbooks for the "foo" and "bar" roles would need to be used.

- hosts: localhost
  - import_tasks: roles/foo/tasks/main.yml

  - import_tasks: roles/bar/tasks/main.yml


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