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Getting Started with Kong Community Edition (KongCE)ACLsdelete Consumers ACLs using curlget Consumers ACLs using curlupdate Consumer with an ACL group using curlAPI Keydelete Consumers API Key using curlget Consumers API Key using curlupdate Consumer with an API Key using curlCommandskong version command on DockerConsumerscreate a Consumer using curldelete Consumers using curlget Consumers using curlDockerDocker container command lineLogsKong logs on DockerPluginscreate acl Plugin using curlcreate key-auth Plugin using curldelete a Plugin using curlget Plugins using curlRoutescreate a Route using curldelete a Route using curlget Routes using curlServicescreate a Service using curldelete a Service using curlget Services using curlStart Stop RestartStart Stop Restart Kong